Guy-Robert LUKAMA N.

With our leadership team and under the guidance of President Tshisekedi, we are confident that Gécamines can enhance its reputation as a world-leading organization by modernizing critical mineral supply chains and empowering the Congolese people to unlock the transformative potential of the industry.

A graduate in international economics (bachelor’s degree) and finance (master’s degree) from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, in the late 1990s, Mr. Lukama began his career in banking with Belgolaise, before joining Banque Commerciale du Congo – BCDC – in the mid-2000s. From 2006 onwards, he branched out into mining, as Managing Director of AngloGold Ashanti in the DRC from mid-2006 to September 2014. At the same time, he chaired the board of directors of BCDC.

Since 2014, he has been an executive director of Fimosa Capital, the major shareholder (86%) of Mongbwalu Gold Mines, formerly known as Ashanti Goldfields Kilo. In parallel to these occupations, he had been approached by Gécamines in mid-2018 as an independent consultant, responsible for transformation (Chief Transformation Officer), before being promoted to the board of directors in June 2019.

In addition, since July 2021 he has also chaired the board of directors of the Société congolaise pour le traitement du terril de Lubumbashi (STL), one of Gécamines’ main assets.