Clean Energy

Gécamines is an important player in the global shift to clean energy which is driving unprecedented demand for metals critical to that transition.

Mining cobalt is crucial for the future of clean energy due to its essential role in the production of rechargeable batteries. Cobalt is a key component in lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used in electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy storage systems. As the demand for EVs grows and the need for efficient energy storage solutions increases, the demand for cobalt continues to rise. This metal’s ability to enhance battery stability and extend lifespan makes it indispensable for the advancement of clean energy technologies.

Moreover, cobalt’s importance extends beyond just batteries. It is also used in the production of superalloys, which are vital for manufacturing wind turbines and other renewable energy infrastructure. These superalloys, known for their high strength and resistance to extreme temperatures, are crucial for the reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems. As the world transitions towards more sustainable energy sources, the role of cobalt in ensuring the durability and performance of these technologies cannot be overstated.

Gécamines has efforts are underway in the Democratic Republic of Congo to ensure better supply chains for this crucial mineral. Initiatives include implementing more stringent regulations, improving transparency in mining operations, and promoting fair labor practices. By working towards more responsible and sustainable mining practices, Gécamines is playing a pivotal role in securing a stable and ethically sourced supply of cobalt. These measures are essential to support the growing clean energy sector and ensure that the transition to renewable energy is both technologically advanced and socially responsible.